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Building Science Fundamentals Workshop taught by Joe Lstiburek – A Recap


Last month, members of the Ziger/Snead team attended the Building Science Fundamentals Workshop led by Joe Lstiburek.

Joe is an acknowledged expert and often a forensic witness in court cases involving failures in building construction. His two-day workshop is a deep dive into how professionals involved in designing and constructing buildings need to understand the physics of air and water; the materials used in modern construction and how the order of these in the wall/roof/foundation assembly are critical.

During the workshop, we learned that the first two questions you must answer when designing the building environmental separation are:

  1. Where are you in the world? What is the external environmental load? Locality matters. There is a big difference between hot and humid Florida and cold and dry Minnesota.
  2. What is in the building? What is the internal environmental load? How the building…

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