February 6 2015

ii journal, Volume 3: Applied Geometries

The Ticket Booth is featured the latest issue of the International Journal of Interior Architecture + Spatial Design: Applied Geometries. Written by Ziger/Snead architect Keith Peiffer, the article considers the function of the Ticket Booth, both its physical form and design concept, as a symbol. Expressive geometry and hybrid fabrication techniques instigate larger conversations on semiotics and the notion of craft.

Volume 3: Applied Geometries is available for purchase online.

About the International Journal of Interior Architecture + Spatial Design:
In a global, complex, and networked society, interior architecture and its praxis are experiencing unprecedented change.  Theoretical investigations, design-research, and alternative explorations blend previously discrete disciplines within an emerging blurred territory. The International Journal of Interior Architecture + Spatial Design investigates this emerging territory by requesting scholarship, design research, and projects that ask bold questions and propose innovative responses.  Founded and stewarded by the Interior Architecture program at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture, and published by the University of Houston Atrium Press, ii seeks to re-frame the debate and shape the contemporary dialogue of interior architecture and spatial design.

Applied Geometries, ii journal’s third issue, explores geometric advancements in relation to interior architecture and spatial design. The work in this issue leverages the role of applied geometries as an active performer in the conceptualization, design, and production of interiors, spatial design, and light-mobile-architectures.

Published by ASD Publications, a division of Atrium Press, University of Houston.


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