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Confronting the Conventions of Customary Practice

Microcosmic Tarmac - Ink & Graphite on Vellum

In the context of a traditional building process, technical drawings possess an ephemeral quality; they pose as artifacts of reference upon facing a building’s realization. However true that may be, Ziger|Snead designer Ty Skeiky firmly believes in the visionary qualities of drawing. His undergraduate thesis, Making the Break & Breaking the Break Line, strives to examine the conventions of architectural drawing in such a way that challenges how they are applied to customary practice.

Microcosmic Tarmac - Ink & Graphite on Vellum

Conventions can be distilled into two essential components: Annotative devices – or just devices for the sake of brevity – and content. Devices are commonly known as the descriptors that communicate design intent such as text, symbols, and digits; they act as portals and thresholds, allowing the reader to make leaps across space. Content on the other hand possesses…

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