June 12 2020

Z|S Participates in #nostophomeoffice

While browsing ArchDaily’s instagram, we happened across a call for submissions for #nostophomeoffice, an international project calling on architects to submit a plan drawing of the one room being used as their workspace at home during the time of the Covid-19 quarantine. The project was born from an introspective look at our current environment, and has an ultimate goal of communicating through drawings that “nobody is alone, we all sit in a solidary super structure - the no-stop home office - that faces the crisis.”

Z|S team members each submitted beautifully illustrated plan drawings of their home workspace; whether it be a spot in the living room, at the kitchen table, or dedicated office, each individual drawing shows the character of the space and its inhabitants.

Taking the project a step further, the studio’s drawings were compiled into one collective drawing, interconnecting each remote room, to form one composition. The Z|S studio has been transported from 1006 Morton Street to each team member’s remote space, and the collective drawing is a representation of this virtual studio. We are in this together, and everything will be ok.

Individual home offices combined to create our Virtual Studio
Virtual Studio

Kelly Danz

Jonathan Lessem

Jeremy Chinnis

Douglas Bothner

Alec DuMond

Chris Brown

Miharu Morimoto

Kyle Mastalinski

Claire Edelen

Katelin Etoh

Nicole Lamont

Ann Powell

Travis Ackiwowo

Kimberly Jamison

Cyrus Lee

Ty Skeiky

For more information about the project, visit:



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