November 12 2007

Stockholm Kallbadhus

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The proposed Stockholm Kallbadhus (translated as Cold Bath House) was an exhibit and proposed addition to the Stockholm harbor waterfront during the summer of 2007. This is a wonderful example of cleanliness within a major city. To imagine swimming in some of the busiest harbor ports in the world might bring a grimace to your face, but Stockholmers are working hard to clean their waterways and such efforts could culminate in the execution of such a building.

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Here are a few words from the designers.

"The Kallbadhus builds on the strong tradition of cold-water plunges, stemming from Sweden?s historically close relationship to nature and the sea."

"The program consists of a public swimming area, spa, café, restaurant and a small scale hotel. It is located in central Stockholm within Riddarfjärden, a part of Lake Mälaren, one of Sweden?s largest lakes. The Kallbadhus is situated off the shoreline of Norr Mälarstrand, a popular waterfront promenade. To the east the promenade runs along the stone paved harbour with its docked boats and willow trees, while to the west the promenade takes on the qualities of a park. The Kallbadhus attaches itself where the two paths meet functioning as an extension to the existing promenade and adding a third element - a loop out onto the water surface. The visitor is led from the promenade to the Kallbadhus via two separate bridges hovering over the water. The first bridge clasps itself to the park portion of the promenade and leads to an expansive wooden sun deck and the water, creating a beach within the centre of the structure. Here one can sunbathe, swim and take cold plunges. From this wooden deck, a ramp leads up to the undulating roof, echoing a rolling landscape, clad in wood decking and landscaped in grass. Here one can visit a café, take a stroll, jog or simply relax in the grass.

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The second bridge attaches to the stone harbour and leads to the main indoor entry of the Kallbadhus. Here one sees the City Hall tower and the skyline of Stockholm?s historic centre as well as the framed landscape of the water and sky inside the circular building. To the left of the main entry are the hotel reception, restaurant and bar and to the right are the indoor spa facilities. In plan, the Kallbadhus is 130 meters in diameter. In the daylight hours the façade reflects the colours and shades of the surroundings, whereas at night it hovers and glows above the water. Just as the water surface is in constant motion and transformation, the silhouette of Kallbadhuset also transforms as the viewer moves along the shore."

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For more information please visit the Stockholm Kallbadhus website.

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