February 18 2008

Green Restaurant Association

Green Restaurant Association

The Green Restaurant Association (GRA) is a national non=profit organization which provides research, consulting, education, marketing and community organizing services to restaurants and a variety of other food service companies. Their mission is to "create an ecologically sustainable restaurant industry." The organization was recently highlighted in a New York Times article titled "Going Out to Eat, but Staying Green" that discussed local NY eateries that had greened their operations.

Guidelines for meeting membership in the association are all based around environmental stewardship, education and indoor health considerations and include criteria such as:

  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation
    • Water Efficiency & Conservation
      • Recycling & Composting
        • Sustainable Food
          • Pollution Prevention
            • Recycled, Tree-Free, Biodegradable & Organic Products
              • Chlorine-Free Paper Products
                • Non-Toxic Cleaning & Chemical Products
                  • Green Power
                    • Green Building & Construction
                      • Education
                      • For more information and listings of participating restaurants please visit the Green Restaurant Association website.

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                        February 24th, 2008 at 8:27 PM

                        Stephen Snow

                        I am a hospitality student at East Carolina University and my group is in need of some advice. We are currently in a project where we take an existing restaurant and convert it to a make it a more flowing and green property. I am sending this e-mail to see if you have any ideas that we can use for such topics as wastewater, trash, lights, HVAC, and anything else that you feel might be a good idea. Please e-mail me back with some ideas or interest you are willing to share with us. Your help is greatly appreciated and thank you very much. We look forward to making our new restaurant idea as green as possible and still provide great food and service.