December 10 2009

POWERleap Flooring

feet POWERleap Flooring is a cool concept. It's the brainchild of Elizabeth Redmond, a 22 year old recent grad from the

University of Michigan School of Art and Design. The glass and concrete tiles use the POWERleap utilizes the phenomena of piezo-electricity [electricity from applied stress] discovered in the 1880's by the Curie Brothers to convert human kinetic energy into a usable power.

As Ms. Redmond states: We have designed a flooring system that will harness your exerted kinetic energy, and use it to generate electricity for us to enjoy. By integrating these interfaces that generate electricity from our daily activities in public and semi-public built environments, each individual will have the ability to generate electricity for their community. Joggers through Central Park would directly power the lights that make it safe for them to jog at night. Through use of energy generating tiles, people are constantly involved in the very activities that create the electricity they need.  Dutifully offsetting their recreational consumption, they?re contributing to the greater energy good.



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