August 24 2010

Ziger/Snead Chooses 100% Renewable Energy

We our proud to announce that we have just signed a one year contract to buy 100% of our office electricity from a renewable energy provider. After a careful selection process, Commerce Energy was chosen to provide Z/S with 100% Wind Turbine generated electricity.

Z/S projects that roughly 94,000 lbs of CO2, 682 lbs of SO2, and 145 lbs of N2O annually will not be released into the atmosphere by our daily operations. Using the "Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator" provided by the EPA we were able to compare those reductions in greenhouse and pollutant gasses to:

  • Not using 11 passenger cars for one year or
  • Not burning 7,150 gallons of gasoline or
  • Not consuming 146 barrels of oil or
  • Recycling 21 tons of waste or
  • Growing 1,610 tree seedlings for 10 years

"Z/S is proud to have made this significant commitment to supporting renewable energy technologies. We strive to lead the industry in every facet of architecture, and hope our choice to use renewable energy encourages others to take the similar steps. We also understand that in order to advise our clients on sustainable, high-performance or LEED buildings, we must have some experience in dealing with the related issues. The firm is committed to becoming a leading member of the green building community."

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Ziger/Snead Chooses 100% Renewable Energy