November 17 2010

Z/S at Greenbuild 2010

Treehuggers, Product Manufacturers and Developers unite! Greenbuild 2010 has arrived!

The three day long USGBC event is in Chicago this year and Z/S will be there sending you live updates of the latest and greatest green products, strategies and services the industry has to offer. Kicking off the party this morning is former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a speech I will unfortunately miss, but we will try to get that uploaded for you shortly.

Stay tuned for more! Hopefully this week will allow our office to stay up to date on the latest trends in the green building industry and give you, our readers, a chance to look behind the curtain of green building to see some of the material innovations, strategies and services which might become part of your next project.

And when looking at our current situation, it helps me to be reminded that the green building industry in our country is relatively young and experiencing huge, rapid growth. Just consider how poorly our building industry and existing building infrastructure is suited to deal with issues of sustainability and it becomes clear that bridging the gap is not as simple as creating a few new products. What Greenbuild, the USGBC and others are doing is subtly shifting the course of a ship that has sailed relatively unencumbered for thousands of years. This year at Greenbuild I'll get to see how well this course correction is working and whether or not our almost mystical expectations for a sustainable future are any closer to becoming a reality.

Welcome to Chicago!

Jonas Risén

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November 17th, 2010 at 12:34 PM

Fred Scharmen

Nice photo!