April 22 2009

Vertical Food Gardens

Recently the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts hosted a Baltimore Infill Survey to track proposals for solutions to the many vacant lots that are scattered across the city. A recent look at the current entries show quite a few focusing on community gardens as a viable solution. And why not?  A garden would provide food as well as a gathering spot for the community around it.  Anyone interested in how this could be instituted should make a trip to the National Building Museum next week as Robin Osler, principal in charge of Elmslie Osler Architects will be speaking about her firm's success in Vertical Farming. Check out this article in the October issue of Architectural Record which describes The Urban Farming Food Project, a proposal to create a walking path of Living Walls that provide food for the homeless in LA's Skid Row.

Ideas for Vertical Farms have been sprouting up all over the place from New York to Dubai. Proponents of the concept believe that farming up will reduce the need for farmland and produce more food for more people while using less resources. Vertical farming would reduce transportation costs and provide year round sustenance for the surrounding city.



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