September 17 2007

USGBC Press Release - Greening America's Schools

A recent press release from the USGBC highlights the commitment the mayors are making to the green school movement. The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) has unanimously voted to approve a "green schools resolution" that includes research funding for environmental, economic, and health benefits of green schools, funding for green school test projects, and a pledge to improve physical infrastructure of America's schools.
The article notes that: “Studies show that children in green schools are healthier and more productive because of improved indoor air quality, lower levels of chemical emissions, and a generous provision of natural day lighting,” said Mayor Cownie. “The benefit of cleaner indoor air quality-- a key emphasis of green schools-- have been linked to lower asthma rates, fewer allergies, reduced absenteeism, and increased teacher retention rates.”
The full press release can be found here. And here is a link to the LEED for Schools Web site.

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