September 17 2007

Top Ten Green Building Products of 2007

BuildingGreen has published a list of the top ten green building products of 2007. The list is varied to include both material , application , and material procurement innovations.

  1. Polished Concrete System from RETROPLATE
  2. Triton Logging Underwater Salvage Logging
  3. Paperstone Certified Composite Surface Material from KlipTech Composites
  4. Varia and 100% Recycled Content wall panel products from 3Form
  5. Recycled content interior molding from Timbron
  6. SageGlass Tintable Glazing from Sage Electrochromics
  7. Water Efficient Shower head with H20kinetic Technology from Delta
  8. Weathertrak Smart Irrigation Controls from HydroPoint Data Systems Inc
  9. Coolerado Cooler Advanced Indirect Evaporative Air Conditioner from Coolerado LLC
  10. Renewable Energy Credits from Community Energy Inc

The entire list can be found on here.

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