March 23 2008

San Francisco’s Green Building Nightmare

 SF Federal Courthouse_Image 09

The idea of ?green? buildings is a terrific marketing concept. But some argue that some green buildings can be a nightmare for those having to work inside high-rise structures lacking heat or air conditioning. (Greenline recently introduced the San Francisco Federal Building by Thom Mayne in an associated post) The new Thomas Mayne designed Federal Building at 7th and Mission Streets in San Francisco is a case in point. Lauded by the New York Times as a building that ?may one day be remembered as the crowning achievement of the General Services Administration?s Design Excellence program,? what some believe is the greenest federal building in the nation?s history also likely has the worst work environment. While architectural describe the building?s ?sense of airiness? as ?magical,? employees view working in this heat and air-conditioning free building with the wavy concrete floors and ceilings as a nightmare.

See the rest of the story at San Fransico's Alternative Online Daily.

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April 23rd, 2009 at 7:12 PM

Genteel Love

Why do always GSA and its Architects (Thom Mayne)and Engineers (Arup) fail to deliver the right product even after they over spend the budget? Does any one has a clue? If you build a building be it with under floor cooling like GSA did in Oklahoma City Federal building or a naturally ventilated building as built in San Francisco, it should be acceptable to employees and users, so that productivity is there. Federal employees are some time blamed in-correctly being called slow bureaucracy, what can you expect if your office can be at 80 degree with 80% humidity or even 62 degree at floor to ceiling level for over 400 hours you work in the building. In lay man terms, GSA listen, if work space lacks approval of users, it is no good. IT is that simple and open. You can read more at site below that I find very disturbing for GSA or Federal Government using tax payers money:

January 16th, 2010 at 6:28 PM


Is anyone interested in a concept/design already put together for exactly the kind of "solar nightmare" San Francisco is facing?? I'd gladly share it.