February 9 2011

One Tonne Life: 6 Months of Green Living by the Lindell Family of Sweden

(Lets try this in Baltimore!)

The Lindell Family will attempt a "One Tonne Life". Together they have elected to test the plausibility of a contemporary carbon-sustainable life in the extreme Scandinavian climate of Sweden. Dad Nils, mom Alicja and teenagers Hannah, 16, and Jonathan, 13, will spend one year in a superinsulated wooden house designed by Architect Gert Wingardh testing the limits of modern comfort and convenience within the boundary of an annual one tonne carbon dioxide footprint. This house is located in Hasselby just outside Stockholm and it even comes with a complimentary electric Volvo C30!

The project:

"is a project in which A-hus, Vattenfall, Volvo Cars and other partners will create a climate-smart household. A selected couple with young children will try to meet the low carbon dioxide target yet at the same time live a normal life. They will be helped in a variety of ways, not least with a climate-smart house featuring solar cells on the roof that are used to recharge the electric car parked in the driveway.

Experts from the Chalmers University of Technology will take part in the project in order to ensure a reliable calculation of the family?s carbon dioxide emissions." - One Tonne Life Website

For more information please visit the One Tonne Life website.

Link to a full size graphic

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