June 12 2009

LEED Platinum Building Planned for Baltimore City

Baltimore?s first planned LEED Platinum building is on the drawing boards! The building, to be located on the site of a long neglected city park will serve as headquarters for the non-profit Parks & People Foundation, whose mission it is to ?(help) to improve the physical, social, and environmental quality of neighborhoods through greening activities and forming networks among communities to sustain natural resources.? As such, the goal of building a LEED Platinum headquarters is directly in line with the philosophy of the organization and has given the design team a basis for conceptualizing the project design. Early concepts include several innovative ways of integrating landscape, even going so far as to bring landscape onto and into the project. Other features will likely include water management technologies, efficient building envelope design, high indoor air quality, widespread use of day-lighting, and best practices for site integration.

The design team includes our own Ziger/Snead Architecture as well as Stephen Stimson Associates for landscape and Vanderweil Engineers for MEP. Together this group of designers have produced a series of award winning projects in the region.

Interestingly, the project is just the latest in a succession of green buildings in the area. The state of Maryland established itself as an early leader in the green building industry as home to the first ever LEED Platinum building, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation?s Philip Joseph Merrill Environmental Center. To date Maryland has 52 certified and 565 registered LEED projects. Baltimore City on the other hand has far fewer with only eight certified and 83 registered LEED projects.

We are thrilled to see the green building industry moving forward in our area! For more information stay tuned. We will post updates as the project moves forward.

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November 17th, 2009 at 2:08 PM

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