May 12 2016

la Biennale di ZS 2016

Last week, transformed our office into a gallery showcasing the talented individuals of Ziger/Snead for la Biennale di ZS 2016. The celebration of creativity packed our studio with friends and clients. Thank you to everyone who came to see the fantastic personal work of our team and for supporting us throughout the years.

To see more photos from the party, check out our Facebook!

Katelin Etoh
Playa Negro, 2016

Darragh Brady
Mobile, 2009
Contorted hazlenut, lampwork beads

Steve Ziger
Aspen to Baltimore, 2006
Photomontage on aluminum

Jonathan Lessem
Travel Sketches, 1987-1989
Ink, pencil, watercolor

Andrew Chaveas
Digital Print

Doug Bothner
Figure No. 1 - Artist Proof Figure No. 2
Spit-Bite Aquatint, 1995                          Oil on canvas, 1999

Nicole Lamont
Pretty things to wear, 2012-2016
Fabric samples (Maharam), ball and chain from old ZS conference shade, beads, sterling, copper and stuff

Will Rohde
Untitled (Spring Rite), 2016
Mixed media on mixed paper

Christopher Brown
Asymmetrical fish surfboard, 2016
EPS foam, Fiberglass, Epoxy Resin

Finless asymmetrical wakesurf board, 2016
XPS foam, Fiberglass, Epoxy Resin

Standup bodyboard, 2016
XPS foam, Fiberglass, Epoxy Resin

Christopher Brown + Nicole Lamont
The Whole Tamale In His Hands, 2016
PLA - neon pink and metallic silver, tamale

Jamie Snead
DWC Hole-in-one, 2016
Jigsaw puzzle

Jeremy Chinnis
Cora Hughes, 2015-2016
Graphite on mixed media paper,

Katherine LePage
La Victoria del Socialismo?, 2016
iPhone Photography

Katie Zaeh
MinaShade, 2016

Katie Zaeh
MinaCam, 2016
Live cam, dog, apartment, bed

Michael Westrate
Suspended Communication - Chandelier, 2016
Partner D18 Handset Ext.21

Phoning It In - Wall Covering, 2016
Line Cord with modular plug, 120 linear feet

Matt Rouse
Slot table, 2014
Roasted poplar, blackened steel, tillandsia aeranthos

Above Deck, 2014-2015
Bound digital photographs

Sarah Chapin
Views From the Bottom of McDonald Street, 2010

Keith Peiffer
Dara & Will, 2012            Leah and Chris, 2014              Amaris & Stuart, 2013
Digital Print                      Digital Print                               Digital Print

Student work from MICA course AH379
Taught by Keith Peiffer

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