October 31 2013

la Biennale di ZS 2013

The biennial celebration of the creative individuals of Ziger/Snead Architects was a packed house and a transformation of our office into a gallery exhibition of work produced by the ZS team.

Matt Rouse

Doug Bothner
T.Co Desk and T. Co Table scale prototype
CNC'd and laser cut plywood
Sarah Chapin
Digital slideshow

Katelin Etoh
Organic cotton fabric

Jonathan Lessem & Mark Clark
Birmingham Chair #1
Steel and plywood

Matt Rouse
Ten Dollar Table
Metal frame, wood bed slats

Ursula Major
Stained plywood, resin, string, plastic figures

Dan Carter
Jonathan Lessem
Darragh Brady
Lampworked Glass Beads and Other Jewelry
Soda Lime glass, sterling silver, enamels
Jonathan Lessem
Coffee Table
Oak, maple, steel
Jeff Morgan
Music School Diagrams
Colored pencil
Jeremy Chinnis
Pine, Danish oil on steel base, cherry, basswood

Jeff Morgan
Music School Study Model
Wood and plexiglass
William Hallgren
Steel, stainless steel
Doug Bothner
Chasing Tate
Digital print on aluminum
Will Rohde
Doug Bothner
Color Study, Peppers
Oil on canvasKatelin Etoh
Sunset Landscape
Oil on canvas

Michael Westrate
Vessels 1 & 2
Cast bronze
Katherine LePage
Blue Bloods, 1622 - Present
Mixed media
Peggy Chiang
Michael Westrate
Hanging by a Thread
Steel rod, cotton wrapped cord, metal hook
Miharu Morimoto
A Qualitative Analysis on the Multidisciplinary Care Strategy for the Infantile Development and the Establishment of Sleep and Feeding Patterns
Silicon Dioxide beads on light-weight modeling medium

Steve Ziger
SketchbookKeith Peiffer
Skirmishes in Mass Intimacy (#musthavewheatthins)
Digital slideshow and written works installation
Hugh McCormick
Art of the Japanese Katana/Antique and contemporary artifacts

Nicole Lamont

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