November 17 2010

Greenbuild - Insulated Brick Walls by Oldcastle

This company website has introduced a brick/masonry system called Suretouch that incorporates an EPS foam backing to create a non-vented brick veneer assembly that both speeds construction and provides a continuous R-13.5 insulation layer. (Includes thinbrick, 2.5" EPS panel, and drainage zone) In essence the system is a 2.5" EPS panel with slots to insert bricks and grout. The foam is fastened using a modified masonry veneer tie and the system is completed with the application of grout.

The only drawback seems to be the need to use thin brick bit that can be forgiven since the system is designed to replace a traditional brick assembly and is essentially one wythe thick.

No air barrier and continuous insulation make this the Holy Grail for architects trying to get efficiency alongside the traditional look of brick.

This is sure to stir debate among designers bit it is great to see companies innovating the oldest products in the world.

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