July 23 2015

Designing Buildings Open To—Not Hiding From—Baltimore's Streets

An ode to our belief in the power of design to have a positive impact on our quality of life.

"Designing Buildings Open To—Not Hiding From—Baltimore's Streets" - Fast Company article by Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson.

"As we look to rebuild and reinvest in cities like Baltimore, it is worth considering architecture rooted in civility. More than just 'social design'—design that attempts to redress social injustice or imbalance—civil architecture purposefully opens itself to the city, invites its present citizens to participate, and attempts to foster the best of humanity. It embraces a beautiful aesthetic and thoughtful consideration of both client and neighborhood. It respects a building’s longevity in its community as well as its architectural legacy. And it remembers a building without people is no building at all."

Read the full article here.

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