December 31 2007


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The "Urban Voids Grounds for Change" competition in 2006 (sponsored by the Philadelphia City Parks Association and the Van Allen Institute) sought to find a "compelling long-term vision for developing [Philadelphia's] vacant lots. This particular entry, named Farmadelphia, was submitted by Yen Ha and Michi Yanagisita of Front Studio. They describe their project as:

Farmadelphia proposes to transform the urban environment by introducing bucolic farmlands into the city's urban fabric. The insertion of incongruous rural elements assigns a new use for the abandoned parcels, creating juxtapositions between farm and city that challenges its residents to revitalize their surroundings and daily lives. The conversion of vacant lots into farmlands not only provides employment in the industry of agriculture, but also empowers residents to take charge of their lives and their land. The creation of localized centers of activity, each related to a specific crop or harvest promotes small town relationships while strengthening an overall sense of pride and commitment in the community.

Ha and Yanagisita are both Carnegie Mellon graduates (like myself) and have been practicing architecture since 2001 in NYC.

Farmadelphia_Image 02

Diagrammatic aerial view of urban voids interwoven with agricultural patchwork.

Sunflowers aid in the bio-cleansing of land in preparation for crop farming.

Farmadelphia_Image 04

A field of golden wheat provides bread for the community.

Farmadelphia_Image 05

Free roaming city cows graze on locally owned pasture.

Farmadelphia_Image 06

Farmadelphia_Image 07

For more information check out the original article on Treehugger.

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