March 23 2008

Exploding Wind Turbine Video

Here is a great video of a wind turbine self destructing during a wind storm. The strong wind causes the turbine to spin very quickly and eventually bends the blades backward, hitting the support structure. The result is a frightening example of what a poorly designed or malfunctioning wind turbine can do. Turbines are actually designed to mechanically brake themselves or the blades rotate in such a fashion as to slow or stop the turbine's rotation.

For a quick history lesson please take a look at the wikipedia.

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December 2nd, 2008 at 2:37 AM

John Mowatt

Ouch.This is what poor design can accomplish.Wind turbine design must take into account the possible maximum velocity of winds in the area of use.The machine must be designed to shut down at a certsin wind velocity.This is not hard to do.JM.