November 20 2007

Biomimicry! Lecture by Janine Benyus

Biomimicry_Image 01 Biomimicry is a term made popular by the 1997 release of Janine M. Benuous' book "Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature." The word comes from the words bios, meaning "life", and mimesis, meaning "to imitate". The new science studies nature's models, systems, processes and elements and then imitates or takes creative inpiration from them to solve human problems sustainably. Many in the green building movement reference biomimicry as a means of moderating between the built environment and the natural one by designing our building systems in accordance with the principles we find in nature. An often cited example of a potential biomimicing design is the ability of the termite to maintain nearly constant temperatures and humidity levels within their mounds despite huge temperature swings in the exterior environment. Janine says it best:

"Our planet-mates (plants, animals and microbes) have been patiently perfecting their wares for more than 3.8 billion years . . . turning rock and sea into a life-friendly home. What better models could there be?"

For more on Biomimicry pick up the book, visit the Biomimicry Institute, or check out the following lecture given by Janine... Very interesting... plus there are some fantastic photos of natural organisms as well...

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