March 1 2010

Bio-based insulation made from Mushrooms

Greensulate, a product said to hit the markets in 2010, is a bio-base alternative to rigid insulation made from paper, rice hulls, and mushroom fibers.   The product is still undergoing testing but the outlook for this new product is very good.  The insulation takes advantage of the mycellium, the roots of the mushroom plant that have incredible structural and insulation properties.    It requires no power to grow and is flame resistant.   The product also has potential to take the place of packing peanuts, they can be thrown in the garden or used in potted plants after they are no longer needed.

The mushroom cells are injected into a mixture of starch, hydrogen peroxide, water, and minerals and left to grown in a darkened areas.  The mushroom cells digest the starch and their root structure begins multiplying.  After a couple of weeks the sample is dried.  Drying it helps prevents fungal growth.

Find out more about the inventors and their company visit their website.

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April 6th, 2010 at 12:22 PM

Laura Sergeant

How effective will they be in humid climates like the Southeast?