September 17 2007

Air Quality/ Water Quality Barometers in Stockholm!

This is truly great public art/information. Pictured above are two sculptures I happened upon while walking down the Stora Strand (inner harbor) in Stockholm, Sweden. They are remarkable because inset into the stone faces are colored LED lights that show passersby the Air and Water quality in Stockholm in real time. It is easier to make out the air quality reading in the image below.

What struck me is that despite the wonderfully clear air and bright sunshine the day I was in Stockholm, the Air Quality readings were on the poor side. Makes you wonder what the air quality readings are in typical cities on not so clear days.

This really is a great way to emphasize to the public how severe our air quality problems are in cities. I would like to see more artists take up installations like this around the globe to bring more awareness of environmental quality to the general public.

For more information on Stockholm's environmental initiatives please visit this independent Stockholm Air Quality Website or the official city environment website.


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