September 7 2011

A Look Behind the Construction Fences: 9/11 Memorial of Maryland Nears Completion

As the days count down to the 10th anniversary, September 11, 2011, the construction of the memorial designed by Ziger/Snead comes down to the finishing touches. Here's a remarkable look behind the fences at the three month construction process. The dedication by Governor O'Malley will take place Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 3pm.

The deceptively simple design requires extreme precision both to support the immense weight of the base and steel artifact as well as to ensure the shadow cast by the building cross the memorial as intended.

Video timelapse of the building shadow moving across the memorial.

This is where it started, only a few months ago.

The frame hints at the complexity of the structural system required.

The first piece of marble is set.

The base construction progresses to balance the weight of the marble blocks over the structural frame.

With the perimeter of the base complete, the interior pieces are set into place.

With the base complete, the 2-ton steel artifact arrives and is carefully guided into position.

The artifact is secured and the sandblasted inscriptions are finalized.

Construction workers stand on the base as the artifact is lowered.

A piece of limestone from the Pentagon is hoisted into place. Although artifacts cannot be obtained from the Flight 93 site near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, that important site will be represented in the Memorial with three large pieces of polished black granite.

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