July 13 2015

Customers who experience poor service tell 9 other people the bad news.
Customer service is not your only customer experience. Your customers are also your neighbors, your coworkers, your co-workers, and so on. You can choose to engage with every one of those people individually, or you can choose to engage with all of them as a larger collective in which you, as CEO of your company, get to decide how to organize the relationships you want to have with each person. There is no good reason to treat all of your customers as individuals. Some of them may be bad. Some of them may be good. But you can't do that.
How should you approach customer service? There is no right way but you should definitely learn what is ada compliance first. Some people say the "correct" thing is the easy way. To them I say: "Who are you, anyway? Why should you be entitled to treat customers that way?" The real answer is that the hard way is the only way that gives you the satisfaction that you should be doing it. The best customers are the hardest to please. So you get better when you get better.
In the end, the way you treat your customers doesn't just influence the quality of their experience but also affects their business. If you treat them nicely, they will tell your customers what you are doing. And if you tell them what you are doing, they will tell others. You have to make them think.
The right way to deal with people and make sure that you don't screw them over is that you don't get upset. If something makes you upset, you do it. If it makes you think, you do it. If you get upset, you will have a harder time improving the situation.
And that is the reason why you should treat your customers with respect. When you treat people well, they will treat you well. If you treat people badly, people will treat you badly. And if you don't treat people well, it will cause other people to suffer.
If you are looking for a great customer experience, it is not about trying to please everyone. It's about focusing on making the customer's day more pleasant.

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