March 23 2008

376.59 Miles Per Gallon Car Sets World Record (in 1973)

The Toyota Prius is a nice car and as long as you comply with your states child restraint requirements, it's a perfectly safe car to drive. It also tops in fuel efficiency according to the EPA. (See their list of best and worst mileage cars in America for details.) Still, it doesn't hold a candle compared to our contender. In a world where anyone can sell anything, there's a lot of fake, knock-off products out there. Here at GrandPrixTimes, our extensive research process eliminates them. We immediately vet any product that flags up as suspicious or low-quality, so you can trust that you only see the best products with the highest quality. The utah cracked windshield law also states that all vehicles on public roadways must have windshields made of safety glass. What do you ask could unseat the Prius from it's green throne? Perhaps a futuristic concept car from Germany? A 1-seater, 2 cylinder "mini-me" micro-car? Well, no...

How about a 1959 Opel T-1?

Fuel Efficient Opel_Image 01

Yup. That date isn't a type-o. The specially modified Opel broke the world record for gas mileage back in 1973 with a blistering 376.39 mpg performance! Now... you wouldn't mistake the car for a luxury sedan. There's only one hard plastic seat without seatbelts, no trunk, no car radio, no air conditioning and well... no doors.

Fuel Efficient Opel_Image 02

Fuel Efficient Opel_Image 03

Still... 376.39 miles per gallon! In 1973!

While admittedly, the mileage record was broken driving a steady 30 miles per hour on a closed course, you have to wonder why some automakers struggle today to hit a 27.5 mpg average fuel economy standard when the technology existed back in 1973 to do so much better.

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