September 13 2011

BOLEFLOOR: Smart, yes. Sustainable, yes. Straight, no more!

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"It wasn?t nature that created straight floorboards: it was the limitations of technology. Bolefloor allows a return to a natural state: floors as nature intended." -Bolefloor

Smart? YES. Sustainable? YES. Dutch company Bolefloor uses wood scanning systems, optimization algorithms, and CAD/CAM software to evaluate imperfections of any given piece of wood. The Bolefloor process makes it possible to produce flooring from smaller pieces of wood that would otherwise be scrapped in the traditional methods of manufacturing. The result? The most durable cuts possible from the least amount of wood. Or as Bolefloor likes to say, "More floors per forest!"

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"Just as Gutenberg's invention literally freed the book from monastic confines, Bolefloor technology makes naturally curved-length flooring available at price not considerably more than today's fine wood flooring." - Bolefloor

The correlation between the Printing Revolution and the Curvy Floor Revolution is certainly debatable, but it is clear that Bolefloor has developed a unique and sophisticated solution to sustainable design.

Unique is the keyword here. No two bolefloor cuts are alike, which makes for truly one-of-a-kind interior floors. Not only are the cuts individualized, but there is a decent range of species (oak, ash, maple, walnut, cherry), grades (select, natural, rustic), and finishes to meet various needs.

(Although, one may question how a "unique" board can be replaced if damaged?!)

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"The grooviest grooves in the business" - Bolefloor

Bolefloor plays a role throughout the entire process, from the first stage of raw lumber to the final installation of boards. Installation is surprisingly easy as installing a traditional wood floor. Ignore the tracking labels, and installation would be a dream come true for the jig-saw puzzle enthusiast. See a short video here: Installing a Bolefloor

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Some may find the final product of the curved floors beautiful, others nauseating...but it is undeniably unique in its appearance and technological application. Bolefloor is produced and distributed in over 50 spots in Europe, but unfortunately not yet in the United States (so you can forget about those LEED points...for now) For more information about Bolefloor, visit the Bolefloor website.

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