Stonehouse Residence

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The new owners bought this residence because they loved the site and admired the stateliness of the existing 1920s house. Their program would require significant additions to the structure and they wanted the finished structure to appear as though it had always been there. Ziger|Snead responded with a major reorganization of the existing house and two major additions to the east and west which maintain the symmetry of the Georgian facade. The stone was carefully matched from four quarries on the East coast, exterior trim was carefully matched and the slate roof and wood windows were replaced with careful attention to the original detail. The interiors are being developed in a traditional manner with careful integration of new HVAC systems and “smart house” technology. The major reorganization of the site will reverse the entrance to the south facade, provide a through drive, and will allow development of the new backyard to include gardens, fields, and a new pool.


Design Team: James Snead, Douglas Bothner

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Completion: 2003