Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd


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The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd needed a master plan to upgrade their current facility without disrupting existing church activities. The new master plan incorporated worship space for 300, a new narthex, Fellowship Hall, a library and associated office, classrooms, a cribbery, and support space. Working closely with the Building Committee, a scheme was developed to organize the structure’s various elements around a central landscaped courtyard, holding both a formal paved area and a playground. The new sanctuary was oriented toward a wooded dell on the site, and the new narthex provided the congregation with a space for informal fellowship. Through a large master planning campaign, the second phase of the project reorganized the existing offices, classrooms, and the former sanctuary, while providing a new Fellowship Hall, a kitchen, additional classrooms, and additional parking needed to accomodate the expanding congregation. 


Design Team; Steve Ziger, James Snead 

Owner: The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

Location: Bel Air, Maryland

Construction Cost: $1 million (Phase I); $1.5 million (Phase II)

Completion: 1992 (Phase I); 2001 (Phase II)