Jonathan Street Cabin

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Rehabilitation of one of the oldest properties in Hagerstown creates owner-occupied affordable housing and catalyzes investment in the historic Jonathan Street community of Hagerstown, one of the state’s oldest African American neighborhoods.

Built from timbers felled in the 1730s, the small one-and-a-half-story log home was reconstructed at 417 North Jonathan Street in the 1830s. When the building was condemned in 2019, Preservation Maryland acquired the property to initiate its Historic Property Redevelopment Program with the intent to sell the renovated home through Habitat for Humanity to a qualified buyer.

The historic structure and qualities of the original cabin are preserved with enhancements to the envelope to create an energy-efficient and easily-maintained home for the new owner. The existing floor plan is maintained within the cabin and augmented by a modest addition to accommodate a new kitchen. Contemporary interior finishes and a new bathroom provide a comfortable living space.

The project is within the Jonathan Street Neighborhood in the Hagerstown National Historic Register District and requires review and approval from Maryland Historical Trust.


Design Team: Douglas Bothner; Ann Powell; Alec DuMond

Location: Hagerstown, MD

Owner: Restore 417 N. Jonathan LLC

Area: 430 sf cabin; 170 sf addition

Completion: September, 2021

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Before-Jonathan Street Cabin LARGER


Before-Jonathan Street Cabin LARGER


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