Hampstead Hill Academy Early Learning Center Addition

Educational, Sustainable

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A one-story addition provides two new pre-kindergarten classrooms for the Early Learning Center. Sited within the main school entry court,  separate entries were provided to each classroom for the youngest children. A new canopy over the main entrance and a new ramp creates an enhanced and accessible entry to the urban school.  A green roof is designed to cover the addition, onto which the majority of the classrooms look down. 

The gray panels of the addition respond to the rich brick of the existing school, while remaining contemporary and simple. Windows of varying transparency wrap around the addition allowing natural light to fill the classrooms.


 Design Team: Steve Ziger, Miharu Morimoto

Owner: Hampstead Hill Academy

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Construction Cost: $1,100,000

Area: 2,400 sf

Completion: 2011

Photography: Karl Connolly