Brown Memorial Woodbrook Presbyterian Church

Religious, Award Winning

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In 1960, the Brown Memorial Woodbrook Presbyterian Church completed two buildings on a seven-acre site in Baltimore County. But the sanctuary envisioned by the church was never built. Ziger|Snead was hired to design a new worship hall and connect it to the existing buildings. The new 300-seat sanctuary repeats the simple brick architecture of the surrounding  structures while creating an uplifting and dramatic symbol for the church that can be seen from a distance. Its vaulted, curved roof tilts outward to the community and encloses a soaring, light-filled space inside. A simple bell tower to one side of the sanctuary orients the visitor by marking the entrance to the reconfigured church complex.


Owner: Brown Memorial Woodbrook Presbyterian Church

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Construction Cost: $1,500,000

Completion: 1994


  • 1996 National Religious Art and Architecture Design Award — National AIA
  • 1995 Grand Design Award — AIA Baltimore