Slate House

Residential, Award Winning

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Situated on 3 acres and surrounded by Maryland Environmental Trust land, the Slate House is a contemporary retreat that respects the nature and legacy of the vast and densely wooded site. The new 7,000-square foot building replaces a late 60’s, ranch-style house that was destroyed by fire. The design employs an archetypal gable form, a geometric extrusion that is both reductive and minimal, that yields cathedral ceilings spatially emphasizing the verticality of the trees. Large expanses of mahogany framed window walls maximize views of the surrounding forest, blurring interior and exterior spaces. Inspired by the charred redwood structure, the new house is clad in Shou Sugi Ban wood siding and oversized, black slate. Weathered steel, black brick and rich mahogany complete a natural material palette which ties the house back to the site.


Location: Maryland

Area: 6,500 sf

Completion: 2017


  • 2017 Honorable Mention — AIABaltimore