Flexibility, Interaction, Transparency, Diligent Management, and Open Minds

We are inspired by the unique missions of each of our clients and craft environments around the belief that great architecture can only come from collaboration between a passionate group of designers and a dedicated patron. Flexibility, interaction, transparency, diligent management, and open minds put quality at the center of our practice. In short, we strongly believe that a project’s success is based on an ongoing dialogue and trust between all parties. The specific structure for such collaboration is tailored to the unique culture and situation of each client, organization or institution. We begin every project by determining with our clients the most appropriate and effective structure to ensure such discourse and ultimate success.

Open Studio Approach

We have organized our studio to promote teamwork, maintain quality, and encourage excellence. Our staff consists of twenty people including eleven registered architects. We are dedicated to active principal participation in each of our projects, and bring the professional experience and technical proficiency of registered architects to each phase of a project, from planning through construction administration. By utilizing an open studio approach, every design benefits from the creative input of the entire office. 

Technology and Building Information Modeling

At Ziger/Snead every design begins on a piece of paper, drawn by hand. Ideas and concepts are then developed with the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Revit software, which offers integrated, intelligent, and efficient design and documentation. Revit allows for three-dimensional, real-time design that integrates architectural, structural mechanical and other building systems within the same model. In addition, Ziger/Snead has leveraged BIM to incorporate more real world information into a building database, such as Owner programming, maintenance schedules, finishes, occupancies, day lighting, campus departments, phasing and occupancy schedules. These databases can be used by the entire design team, efficient construction, and ongoing facilities management after construction.

Quality Control

We are proud of our reputation, not only as creative designers and collaborative listeners, but also as technicians of thorough and proficient construction documents that can be accurately bid and efficiently built. The core members of the firm have collaborated for many years. As a result of this experience, we have developed several important techniques for monitoring and feedback to assure quality and cost control. Because of our attention to detail and quality control throughout the process, our record of change orders is consistently lower than industry averages. Our reputation in the construction community, as with clients and our architectural peers, is excellent.