Union Craft Brewing and Union Collective

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Rooted in community and committed to the Woodberry neighborhood, Union Craft Brewing needed to expand to meet increasing demand. After a city-wide search, Union found an opportunity in a recently vacated shipping facility, a 138,000 sf building adjacent to the Jones Falls and I-83. Union required only 50,000 sf for their new facility, so the Union Collective was born. With the brewery as an anchor, The Collective is a new mixed-use maker, fitness, and entertainment hub for multiple tenants in the heart of the Jones Falls Valley corridor.

The Brewery’s new taproom draws inspiration from Union’s roots in Baltimore city, while adapting to the size and industrial nature of the large warehouse. Entering the space, a staggered and layered lighting design reorients the visitor and directs them to the Brewhouse and The Cloud – a floating sculptural element over the bar, clad in plywood that creates an intimate setting for seated patrons.

Subtle nods to Baltimore Formstone can be found in many design features - from the joint pattern of the Cloud’s plywood panels, to the beveled edges of the back bar tiles - acknowledging Union’s love for the community, neighborhood, and city where it all started.

Natural wood finishes and textures complement existing concrete and steel elements. The bar top is built with reclaimed wood with faceted volumes at the ends defining transaction stations. Existing column paint and line work on the floor preserve the patina and history of the former packaging facility, and large green fire doors were salvaged for use at the entrance to the event space, restrooms and Cellar.

Outside, the Beer Garden, defined by towering grain silos and a dynamic abstract mural inspired by the brewing process, greets visitors as they arrive and provides a protected, lively outdoor area for enjoying good times with family, friends and community.


Design Team: Doug Bothner; Matt Rouse; Jeremy Chinnis

Owner: Union Craft Brewery

Program: brewery, taproom, event space, offices, support space

Location: Baltimore, MD

Completion: 05/2018