Harley Davidson 100 Year Anniversary Open Road Tour


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To commemorate its 100th anniversary, Harley-Davidson launched a traveling exhibition of unprecedented scale. The Open Road Tour includes three 20,000-square-foot exhibitions that tell the story of the MACHINE, its connection to popular CULTURE, and the company’s historic JOURNEY over the last 100 years. Artifacts, videos, photographs, and interactive displays were designed to appeal to riders and non-riders alike. Each exhibition has a distinct organizational approach related to its content and its relationship to other exhibits on the site. The circular form that houses the Machine exhibit serves as a node around which the Journey and Culture structures, both rectangular in plan, radiate. Through the use of thematic detailing and consistent materials, the entire event is unified. The design celebrates Harley-Davidson’s rich heritage and promising future. Ziger|Snead collaborated on this project with Pentagram, a New York-based design firm.


Design Team: Steve Ziger, Douglas Bothner

Owner: Harley-Davidson

Location: Traveling Exhibit

Completion: 2002