October 29 2007

10% for the Future

Scarsdale Middle Schools of Scarsdale New York have an aggressive plan to make their schools more healthy for the students and better for the environment. They even documented their efforts in a short video titled 10% for the Future which you can view on their website. Here is a description in their own words:

" Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of learning to live sustainably is to be more aware of how we consume and how our consumption impacts our world. 10% for the Future is a simple way for students to become aware of their consumption and then to do something about it. 10% for the Future asks us to choose something that we consume, to measure our use, and then to reduce our use.

10% for the Future aims to make children more aware of one particular aspect of a consumer society--the concept of convenience. If students are more aware of the fact that the culture of convenience has a significant long term cost, they will begin to make more informed choices about consumption and to help change the system from within."

If you are interested in green schools it might also be worthwhile to take a look at this New York Times article.

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